It’s always good to see a familiar face…

Today’s Illawarra Mercury, albeit pages 10 and 11, has a two page spread on the rapidly approaching council elections in both Shellharbour and Wollongong.   Shannon Tonkin opens the spread with ‘Fresh faces are few and far between as the list of Wollongong and Shellharbour council election candidates continues to grow.’  The article points out that ex-councillors and former political candidates outnumber first time office-seekers by two to one.   It then lists the names of some of those who have indicated their intention to stand.  There are a couple of names that are conspicuously absent!

Here is a brief overview of the article…  but go and buy the paper anyway…

There is a ‘positions vacant’ type article for the positions of councillor and mayor in both Local Government Areas.  It is helpful for us as voters as it lays out some of the ‘essential criteria’ needed to do the job.  It also lies to rest the thought that ‘they are only doing it for the money’.

Chris Paver also has a short piece briefly covering the background to the sackings, the sense of expectation in both electorates and a spread of comments from people whose comments are worth hearing and considering.  David Williams, of DMW, reminds us that we need to choose councillors who are in it for the right reasons.  He says these reasons will be evidenced through character, integrity and trust, have a good track record in their fields of endeavour, strong interpersonal skills, the smarts to think strategically and the ability to recognise the need, adopt and manage change.

The article ends with a couple of quotes from Keith Rhoades, president of the Local Government Association.  Mr Rhoades has said that the challenge now is for voters to choose the councillors they best believe will represent them for the next five years.  The article finishes with this quote from him: “I, and most people, would hope that you finish up with a council who can cooperatively and cohesively work together to provide the community’s expectations with regards to council infrastructure and the direction of the city.”

There is also a bunch of grabs from a variety of notables (mostly from Wollongong) reflecting on “The No 1 quality we want from our civic leaders”.  But more of that in the next post…

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