All appears to be quiet on the western front!

I have been keeping a  bit of a scrap book on the lead up to the council election.  It appears there was a  flurry of interest for a while and now things have calmed down a  bit.  The last couple of weeks cover only two pages in my Woolworth’s Essentials Scrap Book while there are some nineteen pages covering the five weeks prior to that.

I was pressed by one of the local papers to declare my intention.  Prior to that I had been following the advise to not declare too early (However long too early is!).  I was given to believe that the journalist in question had inside information and was planing a large spread on potential councillors tossing their hats into the ring.  The upshot was I have been outed with headline but no photo.  Joan Vinton and Norelle Pullen were the only others to be outed with me, and I don’t think their intention was all that secret in the first place.

Apart from that there has been a few letters to the editor, mostly from the Lake Times and a couple of articles in the Advertiser that seem to be there just to show they know there an election coming up.

From the papers it seems that there is  preference for fewer and newer  councillors.  The fewer we have by decree of the state.  The newer is up to the electorate when we cast our votes on 3 September.

I am aware of about fifteen potential candidates whose names I have gleaned from the papers.  They represent the Labor /Liberal divide, with the rest standing as independents.   Five of those standing as independents have sat on council before either in the previous council or prior to the sacking.

What is necessary is that, whoever gets elected, we commit not to serve a  party or an interest group but to seek to serve the people of Shellharbour city.   I encourage you think carefully about where you cast your vote.  I am happy for people to have a political alliance when it comes to State and Federal politics (although the difference between them is fairly blurred at the present moment) but I urge you to put that aside at the coming election as I would urge the successful candidates to put their political preference aside as councillors.  Party politics has no logical or practical place in local government.  It merely creates an unnatural and unnecessary division that gets in the road of good decision making.

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4 responses to “All appears to be quiet on the western front!

  • Mandy Towle

    Totally agree that there is no place for party politics in local government. Hopefully those members of the council that were sacked do not get re-elected.

  • Marianne Saliba

    I represented the Illawarra electorate for 8 years in the state parliament as a Labor member and my priority was always to the people of Illawarra, likewise should I be elected to Shellharbour City Council on September 3, I will continue to make the community my priority.

    • Brian Pember

      Hi Marianne. Thanks for the comment. I affirm your contribution to the area as a Labor member of State Parliament. I know that you are in fact committed to your community and as an elected representative would commit to serving the people of your electorate. I have no problem with you being a member of the Labor Party either. What I do struggle with is that in the past there has been a division in local government reflecting party lines.

      I am aware that some of that division was generated to some degree by those who were not working along party lines, but, even so, it was directed along party lines. I would like to see a council that can work together across the board, where debate is about issues not people or parties, where everybody gets to participate fully in the decision making process without caucusing, and where the desire of the councillors is to serve the city. by all means stand for council. I would welcome that and wish you well, but I truly believe we need to leave our party loyalty at the door.

  • RussellP

    Norelle is my nan! GO NAN I SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAYY!

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