The behaviour of the previous council left a bit to be desired.  Recent community consultation identified, to some degree, what those desires are.    As a member of the community I share those desires and in my standing for council I will do my best to change the culture of the soon to be elected council to reflect those changes.

We need to have fair and honest representative local government.  Councillors need to know, understand and appreciate the needs, and desires of the people of Shellharbour.  It is the people of Shellharbour, including the young who, as yet do not vote, that we are to represent. 

We need to be transparent and accountable and be seen to be so.  That transparency needs to extend to open debate of issues and who puts their hand up, or not, for decisions made.

The community wants to see more innovation.  This needs to be balanced against affect on other people and compliance with planning regulations.  No longer can we say “we’ve never done it that way before” and leave it at that.  Those seven words will be the last words of a progressive council.  Because it has not been done before is no reason that it can’t be done now.

We need to look to sustainability as an essential part of growth and development.  We need to be able to maintain and sustain growth and development.  We also need to be a bit more creative in how we go about projecting and measuring sustainability.  Development needs to be balanced against the preservation of our natural environment and the built environment at a neighbourhood level.

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