Barrier draw

The seven seats  up for election on Shellharbour council have drawn a field of 52 candidates across twelve groups, if you count the stand alone independents as a group.

The ballot paper below is not the ‘official’ one but a rough approximation.  It gives you a  bit of an idea about what it looks like and how it all works.  With 52 candidates we all need to plan ahead so that our vote actually delivers what we want.

The barrier draw looks something like this:

There are two members of the former sacked council, a  number of others who have sat on council prior to the sacking, a Labor ticket and another ticket where each of the candidates have not met the Labor criteria for some reason and are standing as Independents, not one but two pastors, and three independent Independents.  In an electorate that has has asked for ‘new’ and ‘fresh’  there are plenty of ‘old’ and, dare I say, ‘stale’.   Age outweighs youth.  The youngest is twenty-something, while the oldest is seventy-something.  Nineteen are women, thirty-three are men.  It is  a bit of a mixed field.

The vote will be by optional preferential.  Teams can suggest the preferences they would want you to have if you vote for them.  That is all they can do; suggest.  You get to choose your own preferences.  There are no ‘registered’ preferences as such.

With such a big field it is certainly possible, if the votes were fairly evenly distributed, that no one would make the quota on primary votes (the 1 in the box) .  So it seems very likely that it will come down to preferences for the bulk of the seats.

It is import ant that you, as the elector, have some sort of understanding of the process before you go to the polling booth, otherwise you may not effectually cast your vote for the people you want.

I will be posting some more comments on voting effectually soon.  Watch this space…

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