Of barrows and axes

People go into local government for a variety of reasons; some to serve their community, some to serve their own self-interests, some with a bit of both I suppose.

As for me, I have no personal business interests and no political aspirations.  I have neither investment property nor the money to invest in property.

I have a son who is at Uni and will be looking for work on completion of his studies.  I have another son who has not had secure, full time work since finishing high school.  My wife and I, together with the bank, own our own home.

I lead a small church in a working class area of our city.  We are involved there because we believe that everybody, regardless of their class, education or income, needs the opportunity to have access to if not belong to a Christian church community.

I teach at TAFE to supplement my income from our church.  We live fairly simply not only because we have to but also because we want to.

Put simply I have no barrow to push.  I have come to put my shoulder to the work of leading the city.  There are no hidden agendas.

Also, I have no axe to grind.  I am not driven to prove anything, compete with anyone, or build a monument to myself.  I would like to leave a legacy behind me of a community that is perhaps just a little better because I have been part of it.

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One response to “Of barrows and axes

  • Lainie

    Nice one B, couldn’t agree more. About time this area got someone in Local Council with a real heart for the Community with no hidden agenda but the desire to leave a legacy of improvement.

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