Saturday is the big day!

Saturday is the big day!  50,000 Shellharbour residents will go to the polls to return democracy back to Shellharbour at the local level.  We have a chance for a new start after the shameful sacking of our council for being dysfunctional to the point of not being able to operate.

52 people have stood as candidates in this election; 11 groups and 3 un-grouped candidates.  There are 7 seats to be filled.

The major parties are represented, although there has been a  groundswell of movement away from Labour.  Some are wondering how a Liberal ticket will fare in a what has been a Labor stronghold.  Many are saying there is no place for party politics in local government.  I stand among them.

The rest are independents; 37 in all.  Surely a mixed bag.  Former councillors, 2 from the sacked council, a former mayor, 2 pastors (of which I am one), a former State MP and a  couple of state hopefuls, a mixed bag all around.

It is now up the people of Shellharbour to choose wisely who will represent them at the local level for the next 5 years.

A cross section of residents have said they want no party politics, more transparency, more honesty and integrity, well thought through development, upgraded services – particularly transport, a sustainable future both financially and environmentally, and a  council that represents the people and has the good of the entire city at heart.

Saturday will determine what is is we really want; the old and familiar or a chance with a new and different.  As for me, I will do my best to represent the people who have given me the honour and opportunity to represent them.  I will be honest and upfront.  I will be mindful of our past, our present and our future in the decisions I make.  I will make every effort to work with those the city gives me to work with, regardless of our differences.  I will do all that I can to seek the welfare of the city.

Vote wisely.


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