Welcome to my blog.  As has been reported in the media, I am seriously considering standing for election to the new Shellharbour City council.  This is no spur of the moment thing.  I have been thinking about for quite some time.  So this is my blog on lead up to the elections and, hopefully, beyond.

Standing for council was first suggested to me more than ten years ago.  It is only following the sacking of the previous council that I have made any moves in this direction.

It all started when I sat down to write a  letter to the Lake Times hoping to to get people thinking about the reasons for the sacking, the need to not simply re-elect the former council back  and to point out that, in my opinion, party politics have no real or legitimate part to play in local government.  While I was drafting it all in my head the idea cropped up that to suggest that we look for an alternative and not to put my money where my mouth is  was merely taking a  cheap shot.  Not being one for cheap shots I though I had better do more than write a letter.

I have no barrow to push nor any axe to grind so I am able to serve the city without any conflicts of interest or party spirit.  I firmly believe that our city council needs to be transparent in all things (except those things that require privacy for legal or business reasons) and that it serve the people of the city and not any self interest.  I truly believe that what we can do together is greater then what we might be able to achieve on our own.

Following the community consultation at the end of 2010 I believe there is a chance for and  a need for  a fresh approach to leadership in the city that seeks to balance out development and maintain the environment, invest in a built environment that we call be proud of and a natural environment that we and our kids can all enjoy, and set the city off on a good footing for the next thirty years.  I would enjoy the opportunity to be involved in such a venture and much, much more.

To tell you a  little more about me:  I am 53, married to Karen and we have two adult boys, one still at home and one at Uni.  I serve on the pastoral staff of a Baptist Church  and have done so for the last 17 years, the last 10 of which have been at Warilla North.  I have a  background in youth work and community development and I am also currently teaching community service at Nowra TAFE.

If I am to stand I need to have some idea beforehand of the kind of support I have  both in terms of votes and helpers. Friends are great and I have had a great deal of encouragement for them.  I also need support and encouragement from the wider community.  If you could leave a  comment on this page showing that support it would be great.  If you would rather remain anonymous you can send me an email at revdrbrian@gmail.com  I will maintain your privacy and value your support.

Brian Pember


6 responses to “About

  • Gail Puckeridge

    What a win for Shellharbour to have such an honest, caring and pro active person working for them.

  • Beverley Evans

    It’s time for Shellharbour to shine again Brian and you have the integrity and vision to help facilitate that. Your community spirit has already been proven so I trust that the community will acknowledge this and support you. I will happily man your polling booth stands!!

  • Karen Mannisto

    Brian, your honesty, integrity and compassion is already an asset to the Warilla area and the greater Shellharbour area now has a chance to benefit by electing you to their council. I will happily help and support your endevours any way that I can.

  • Bill Richardson

    Yep good luck. The word party was never meant to be followed by the word politics anyway…

  • Vanessa Pike-Russell

    Hi Brian,

    As you know I support you wholeheartedly. That includes votes and helping however I can. Shellharbour is such a beautiful city and in the right hands it will not just meet its potential but make a difference to the lives of the people within it.

  • Philip Russell

    To Brian –

    The one most capable of undertaking the obligations required to lead Shellharbour City Council to a somewhat brighter future. Let us look forward to that. You have my total support.



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