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Saturday is the big day!

Saturday is the big day!  50,000 Shellharbour residents will go to the polls to return democracy back to Shellharbour at the local level.  We have a chance for a new start after the shameful sacking of our council for being dysfunctional to the point of not being able to operate.

52 people have stood as candidates in this election; 11 groups and 3 un-grouped candidates.  There are 7 seats to be filled.

The major parties are represented, although there has been a  groundswell of movement away from Labour.  Some are wondering how a Liberal ticket will fare in a what has been a Labor stronghold.  Many are saying there is no place for party politics in local government.  I stand among them. Continue reading


We need a hand – your hand!

On polling day, 3rd September, we need your help to hand out how to vote leaflets.  If we get enough people we will only need each person to work a  couple of hours.

Voting is from 8.00am to 6.00pm.  There are seventeen polling places across the city.

If you are support Brian and his team, are reasonably friendly and would like to help please go to the join the team tab and leave your details.   Continue reading

Voting for the first time…

If you are voting for the first time it can be a  bit daunting.  It can also seem like a  bit of a drag; interrupting your Saturday and all.

But it is important.  And it is important that you have some idea of how it works and how to do it properly.

Hear are some earlier posts…. Continue reading

Your vote counts – as do your preferences…

When you vote, your vote counts.  That may sound a  bit obvious bit it needs to be said.  If you want you vote to really count you need to know a little about the system of voting we will be using.

NSW local government elections use an Optional Preferential Proportional Representation system.  What a mouth full.  I promise they are last big words I am going to use in this post.  Continue reading


The behaviour of the previous council left a bit to be desired.  Recent community consultation identified, to some degree, what those desires are.    As a member of the community I share those desires and in my standing for council I will do my best to change the culture of the soon to be elected council to reflect those changes.

We need to have fair and honest representative local government.  Councillors need to know, understand and appreciate the needs, and desires of the people of Shellharbour.  It is the people of Shellharbour, including the young who, as yet do not vote, that we are to represent.  Continue reading

All appears to be quiet on the western front!

I have been keeping a  bit of a scrap book on the lead up to the council election.  It appears there was a  flurry of interest for a while and now things have calmed down a  bit.  The last couple of weeks cover only two pages in my Woolworth’s Essentials Scrap Book while there are some nineteen pages covering the five weeks prior to that. Continue reading