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…as the dust settles…

Following the council election I had three days away on a Pastors’ Renewal Retreat.  Pretty good timing, eh!

While I was away I had almost no information regarding the election result apart from Karen SMSing me the details as people reached the quota.

I had a courtesy call from Marianne Saliba on Sunday morning asking how I was and had I seen any results.  She told me that she had won a  seat and that I had, at that stage, .3 of a quota which, in her opinion, was not going to reach the mark.

So it is with some disapointment and also some relief that I have come home to being a  citizen but not a  councillor.

For those that haven’t heard the news it looks like this – in order of the count –  Continue reading


An inquirer writes…

I got an email recently from someone who had read the blog and some of the newspaper articles I have been quoted in.  It was an encouraging letter and I am glad  to have received it.  There were a  few questions that the writer had of me and I though if one person is asking them there are probably others who would similar if not the same questions.  I thought it good to answer them for all to see as well as respond to my enquirer. Continue reading

Who’s who in the zoo?

An article in today’s Mercury  is promising — or could that be threatening — to out any political candidates in the Shellharbour and Wollongong Council elections who do not declare their political affiliation if they have one.

They wonder what the term ‘independent’ actually means in the lead-up to the upcoming election.  Given that there are only a  couple of options given to candidates by the Electoral Commission — those being a registered political party, and independent or no descriptor at all — we don’t really have much of a choice.   Continue reading

Forced Labor

On Tuesday 31 May the Illawarra Mercury printed an article indicating that David Boyle, former Labor candidate for the federal seat of Gilmore, is considering standing for election as a  councillor in Shellharbour in the forthcoming September 3 elections.  Mr Boyle has said that should he be elected to council he would also put his hand up for mayor.

My question is are we getting  more than we bargain for out of a  bloke like Mr Boyle and is what we do get the best thing for our city and its people?

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